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4 Reasons You Should Be Using WordPress For Your Business Website

Many businesses and bloggers use WordPress to manage their websites. It is among the top web publishing systems in the world. If you hire a web developer to build your business website, he or she is likely to recommend WordPress. Unfortunately, most business owners have no idea how their business websites run. If you are reading this, you probably are thinking of starting a new website and taking over managing your website. Why should you join other business owners in using WordPress? Here are the top reasons why you should consider the publishing system.

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1. Easy to Setup and Use

You have all the resources you need to create a website using WordPress. You need a reliable internet connection and your web browser. You can build a website from scratch, choose and install a theme, and post new content without help from an expert.  If you want to build a quality website, you also will need reliable WordPress hosting.

You may be paying someone to do what you can do easily within hours. The process of installing and managing a new website on the platform is straightforward. In addition, you have access to hundreds of resources including free video tutorials showing you how to use WordPress.

2. Professional Themes and Plugins

WordPress has free professional themes that will make your business website stand out and create the right impression of your business. You’ll be installing professional themes and plugins on your website without incurring the high cost of hiring a professional web designer or coder.

If you’re a new contractor, for instance, and don’t have the means for hiring a professional webmaster, WordPress is a great option as it will allow you to make modifications on your own. Before you begin contacting potential clients, tendering for business or start looking for a bid writer, you should never underestimate the importance of a professional and up-to-date website when it comes to businesses gaining an impression of your company.

3. WordPress Supports some SEO Functions

The visibility of your business website to potential buyers and project managers depends on your SEO strategies. You need a search engine friendly system of publishing new content. WordPress supports all major SEO plugins like Yoast SEO. You can optimise your web pages directly on WordPress even before you post and share new content. WordPress is your best choice if you have no idea how SEO works. Most of the ideas you will come across are easy to implement and refine on this platform.

4. Your Website will be Responsive

Most of your clients will check your website on their mobile phones and hence the need to create a responsive website. A responsive site simply means that users can view all the features and pages on their phone screens. Clients move on to other websites that do not fit or look appealing on their smart phones. WordPress themes are designed with mobile phone users in mind. Your website will have the same great outlook on a smartphone as it does on a computer or laptop screen.


You do need to hire a professional coder or web designer to help you create a business website using WordPress. The process is simple and easy to follow even for beginners. If you want to build a professional website that will attract clients to your business, the popular web publisher is your best pick. Remember that you have access to hundreds of online tutorials to help you in every step of creating and publishing a new website.


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