Since getting a Mac I decided to use Ampps for all of my development and testing needs. Ampps, if you don’t already know is an alternative to Xampp, Mamp, Wamp and various other web servers. There is one thing I like to do with web server’s and that is to move the document root outside of the default path to prevent me deleting it and also to keep it backed up so here is a little tutorial on how to change the Apache document root in Ammps.

Lets Get Started

Start Ammps and click on the Apache on the left of the menu. Click Configuration and the httpd.conf file will open up in your default text editor.

Ampps Menu

Finding your Document Root Path

Open finder in Mac and navigate to the folder you want to create your document root. In this example I will use the Documents Folder but some people may want to use a folder in Dropbox or a similar cloud storage device so that files are always backed up and synced over multiple platforms if needed.

Document Path

As you can see in the image above I have added the folder www which will hold all of my files. If you see at the bottom you will see a path which starts with Macintosh HD -> Users -> Username -> Documents. Make a note of this and go back to the httpd.conf file which you opened earlier in this tutorial.

Look for the following:

and change it to display your own path like so

Now we need to change one more setting in the same file.

Find the following:

and change it to, you guessed it!

Save the file and restart apache and from now on you can place all of your files in the new folder.


This may also work for other web servers that use Apache including Windows variants. Just remember that Windows Servers use forward slashes (/) instead of back slahes () and you may also require to prefix the path with C:/