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Why Worldoweb? Does it mean anything?

Well, Worldoweb is my Yorkshire way of saying World Of The Web

Hello! I am Tracy Ridge, a coding enthuisiast.

I initially created this blog to shed light on the recurring security issues with Windows OS. In the process, I delved deeper into my passion for web design and mastered skills in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

Through Worldoweb, I love sharing my discoveries, with a mix of web design and development insights, as well as articles on scams and various security challenges.

A Glimpse into My Life

Born in South Yorkshire, England, I relocated to Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 2001. I’m a proud parent of two wonderful children. My eldest child attends the University of Dundee and occasionally contributes articles to worldoweb. Meanwhile, my younger one is gearing up for college.

I pride myself on being laid-back, but I have a sharp wit and a playful sense of humour. Apart from tech, my interests span football, gaming, criminology, paranormal research, cooking, and reading. And on a particularly upbeat day, you might even find me enjoying some cleaning!