Why WorldOWeb? Does it mean anything? Well WorldO’Web is my Yorkshire way of spelling World Of The Web.

Hello! Tracy Ridge I am Tracy Ridge and I design and code web sites for a living. I initially set this blog up to inform people on the persistent security issues on Windows based operating systems but pursued my long term interest in web design learning PHP & MySQL, WordPress, SEO and jQuery along the way. I enjoy sharing my findings on my blog and like to throw in the odd tutorial, review and Linux resource.

Want to know more?

Not only do I design and build, fix and maintain websites I fix Windows based software issues, remove viruses, upgrade components, offer advice to newbies and much more.

About Me – Up Close and Personal

I was born in Sheffield, England but moved to Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 2001. I live with my husband-to-be of 16 years and my 2 children. I am very easy going with a very witty humour. My other interests include watching, playing and coaching football to primary school age children, criminology, paranormal, cycling, badminton, cooking, reading and even cleaning on a good day!

I am proud to be a supporter of the Alfie Milne Trust

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