Month April 2012

HTML5 & CSS3 Resources to Kickstart your First HTML5 Project

HTML5 and CSS3 have been known to web designers for many years. Unfortunately, due to the lack of browser support, it hasn’t been wildly adopted. With the release of Internet Explorer in 2011 that it started gaining in popularity. Internet Explorer 9 still doesn’t have complete support for both technologies.  The arrival of the upcoming Internet Explorer 10 will support more elements including CSS transitions and transforms. It will also have full support for offline web applications and form validation. Other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera have better support.  Currently, at the time of writing, there is no browser that has full support. This is due to the fact that the specification is still a working draft itself.  However, it is estimated that it will not be reaching full specification until 2014. Furthermore, don’t let this deter you from using it. You can start using HTML5 right now so kick it off with some valuable resources.

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