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Month July 2023

Hot New Web Dev – July 2023

Welcome to Hot Web Dev July 2023, featuring the latest web development. This month features news of a brand change, another brand upsetting its users and despite the haters, PHP is making a comeback, of sorts. If you have never programmed PHP then now is a good time, just don’t listen to all the haters. As usual, we have our coding resources and our tool of the month. Enjoy.

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Reddit’s Fall, Lemmy’s Rise: The New Era of Online Forums

In the rapidly evolving world of online communities, changes often lead to seismic shifts. Such is the case with Reddit, a giant in the sphere, whose controversial policy modifications caused a significant backlash and opened the door for new platforms. Enter Lemmy, a burgeoning forum-like application, now rising to prominence in the wake of Reddit’s contentious decisions. This blog delves into the journey of these two platforms, highlighting their highs, lows, and the ongoing transformation of digital interaction.

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