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Form Processing on Test

Form processing is widely used and there are plenty of scripts available out there.  This experiment was to take three scripts with spam prevention, form validation and the ability to redirect the user on successful or error user submission.

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I chose the following 3 to experiment with:

These were used in conjunction with a Javascript form validation script by Mark Grabanski.

PHP Formail

This script was finally set up after 5 days of trawling through the forums. It was eventually started from scratch and then I got it working within 10 minutes. This is a highly configurable script which does separate successful and error pages, spam prevention, mail templates, auto responder and much more. I created a post to display how to set it up with form redirection. You can find it here.

Formail Thanks Page

Formail Error Page

Catch-all PHP Form Processor

Now this script is overall very useful and it only took about 5 minutes to set up on an already configured form, however I am unsure of the two-step confirmation page in which you are redirected to review your entries and finally send the form. It could well put people off.

Catch All PHP Form Processor

PHP FormMail Generator

This is simple to set up as you set it up online and then download the zip file which can be done in a couple of minutes.  On user submission you can set it up to redirect you to a custom thank you page which is in the show more options in the initial set up.  The error message is displayed  within the form page itself, which is not the best with a tight layout.  Has built in CAPTCHA to prevent spam.

Formail Generator


If you are wanting lots of features then Tectite FormMail is an excellent choice if you have the patience and knowledge to set it up, however if you are wanting something quick and easy then the catch-all and form processor and FormMail generator are right for you.

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