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Month August 2009

Tools For A Web Trade! Part 2

In this second part of tools for a web trade we feature CSS optimisers, cleaners and frameworks. Font testers, burners and converters. Browser testing suites and online tools.

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Install Lampp in Linux Mint

This is an in-depth guide to installing LAMPP on Linux Mint. LAMPP, the linux version of XAMPP, is a popular open source, cross platform web server software that includes Apache, MYSQL, PHP and Perl. This software can be installed locally on your PC to aid with the development of websites that use the server side scripting language PHP, like WordPress themes for example. This tutorial will help install the software, create and setup shortcut within the menu editor and transferring files with proFTP. This tutorial should also work in Ubuntu too, so lets get started.

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Tools For A Web Trade! Part 1

This is the first part in a series of posts that shows some very useful tools and resources for the web. In this part we feature colour tools, cheat sheets and bookmarklets.

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