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Install iPlayer on Mint 9 or Ubuntu Lucid


I have been wanting to install BBC iPlayer on my Linux Mint 9 to download and watch a TV show as my Internet speed is not the fastest and fluctuates from time to time so I wanted to download without the disruption. When I tried to install iPlayer with Google Chrome 6.0.472.53 I received an error message and was unable to install despite several attempts. I then tried my trusty old Firefox 3.6.9 and the same happened again. I tried also to find an offline version and could not find one. My thoughts were that if I can’t install it on 2 of the most popular browsers and can’t find an offline version then I give up, or should I?

Enter Opera to save the day. I downloaded and installed the latest version of Opera 10.61 and navigated to and it installed without a hitch so then I could download my TV show at last. I had to browse iPlayer from Opera to download the show put that’s the least I could do.

Whilst I am on the subject Opera is a pretty nifty browser. I will definitely be using it more often.

iplayer on Linux Mint 9

As for the problem it could be flash or the air plugin. Has anyone successfully got it working with Firefox or Chrome?


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