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Why I Would Choose Android OS over iPhone OS

Back in January I renewed my mobile contract and got a HTC Desire HD smartphone with the android operating system. I love everything about it apart from the slightly poor battery life which is probably not helped with my Wifi being constantly on but hey I spend all my spare time on my computer so I can quickly charge it up. I do like Apple products but there is one thing that Android does better.

HTC Desire HD

Prior to getting the HTC I have always thought Apple built solid good looking products, the iPod and iPad are both excellent pieces of technology and I am in favour of the alternative OS which made me contemplate in getting an iPhone but I did not want to pay any extra, monthly, nor have to purchase a phone, so I opted for the HTC instead. Anyhow, having spent an hour or so fiddling with my friends’ iPhone as she had never even plugged it into her computer before, there was one main thing that Apple would have to change for me to even consider purchasing or recommending an iPhone.

It couldn’t be a standalone update feature by any chance?

In this modern world everything needs updating, from computers, routers, Digital TV and this is also true with Smart phones. This is where the Android based smartphone phone wins hands down. I have just recently updated my android device to version 2.3 which was a major update. This was painless I didn’t need any 3rd party appliances or tools in order for it to update. I simply connected to my WiFi at home and the phone did everything for me and all of my photos, apps and phone numbers were left intact.

Which begs the question why would you have a smartphone that you have to plug in to a computer to update it? Surely this is not smart?

To me this is a major stumbling block and flaw with Apple products. Smartphones and Tablets are incredible powerful. People often use them instead of switching on the computer which can be a long and laborious task. How many of you have a quick browse on the internet using your phone or iPad? How many of you out there have bought an iPad instead of a computer and then realise that hey “I need to buy a computer to update it?” How many of you have never even updated your phone? We live in a world where updates fix critical bugs which prevent harm. If you have answered yes to any of the above then I recommend hooking your iPhone or iPad up to your computer to update it. Please remember to back up your data first.

The iPhone is wireless capable and there is no reason for it not to have an update feature. Surely from a security point of view this should be standard. After all you wouldn’t run an original Windows XP computer with its factory default settings! I rest my case!

Does anyone else agree or am I being over critical I would love to hear your views! It’s 1-0 to Android I say.

5 replies on “Why I Would Choose Android OS over iPhone OS”

I have to agree with the affordability aspect… as a website developer, it really is baffling that apple would charge 75% more than Android to make my apps available to the public – and that’s an ANNUAL mark-up as well….for each app creation. Coming from a company that prides itself on being innovative, they should realize that stifling creative works with overly-priced methods of delivery is just simple insanity….

Very true. Although from a consumer’s point of view you can argue that the content delivery from Apple is more secure than Android. Google did let quite a bit of malware slip through the net last year, it may have improved now though. It’s still a bummer for those that want to create iOS apps. Maybe Apple are tax men in disguise!

I agree 100%, and, luckily, so did Apple, as their new iOS 5 has exactly that capability. You no longer have to “tether” your iPhone to a computer in order to update the OS (or apps).

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