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Create a Twitter App For The New API

As you may, or may not know, Twitter are going to depreciate version 1 of their API next March. What does this mean to you? If you currently parse the Json file to display your tweets you will no longer be able to have access unless you use the authentication features. Why authentication? Various reasons I assume to limit users from making unnecessary calls to the API, Security reasons. How do I go about it? Well now you will have to create a Twitter App then use a form of authentication to make the API call.

Let’s Create Our Twitter App

First and foremost we need to sign into the Twitter Developers page. Go to and sign in with your Twitter Username and Password.

Now we need to click on Create an app

Twitter Developers Page

We then need to fill in the Name, Description and Website fields.

Create a Twitter App

Read the Developer Rules of the Road and tick the checkbox. Fill in the Captcha field with the displayed words and click on the blue Create your Twitter application button and this will generate your Twitter Consumer Key and Secret.

Now click on Create my access token and this will generate your access token and access token secret.

Generate Access Token
Please note that I have blanked out the fields to protect privacy.

Write down or store your consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret as you will need these for the next stage. Twitter recommends that you keep these to yourself to avoid anyone else from accessing your application.


As you can see this is a basic tutorial to gather all the tokens required to access your Twitter statuses. Simply follow this tutorial to integrate your tweets into your WordPress Website. Normal website integration coming soon!

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