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Fix 3G Error after Upgrading Android on HTC Desire HD

Ever since upgrading my HTC Desire HD to the latest version of Android (2.3.5) I have had no 3G mobile network. This just requires a simple fix to set your mobile settings to its default. Simply follow the next few steps to fix the problem.

Reset HTC HD Desire Android Mobile Settings

  • Click on Menu Button on your phone
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Wireless & Network
  • Click on Mobile Networks

Android Settings

Click on Access Point Names
Access Point Names

Click on the menu button again which will bring up options on the bottom of your screen.
Reset to Default
Click Reset to Default

That’s it you should now have your mobile network working again.

3 replies on “Fix 3G Error after Upgrading Android on HTC Desire HD”

That was a great help thanks, worked a treat on my HTC Desire Non-HD version (Orange). My ‘Mobile Network’ settings option and widget is also greyed out and inoperative when there is no mobile signal which differs from Android 2.2 when it was available all the time, regardless of whether it could connect or not. 3G access also seems faster now at 2.3.3

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