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The Worst Mobile Phones Ever

While mobile phones are a great reminder of mankind’s genius and a real indication of how far we’ve come since the ancients, some models have simply been so dreadful they would’ve failed to impress cavemen. These are simply the worst mobile phones we wished we’d never bought; the ones that we’re glad we dropped on the hard concrete.

Nokia 3650

Let’s begin with the Nokia 3650. This has to be on the list, as it was a phone with so much promise and expectation with it being the first Nokia integrated video camera phone.Nokia 3650 It was therefore billed to be a classic and rightly so. All the Finish mobile manufacturing company had to do was thus make a half decent phone with a video camera, and it would have been a great success.
Instead, they equipped the phone with a useless keypad, bad battery and disgustingly poor screen quality.


In 2005, Firefly Mobile decided to break into the kids market and attract consumers aged 8-12. Firefly This was most definitely an innovative idea, considering the fact that – as demonstrated by Nokia – there was a great market for kids seeking cheap mobile phone deals that could be tapped into.

Firefly forgot two rather important things, however. The first is that children would want a mobile phone on which they could play games. The second was that at the time, texting was the main thing they used mobile phones for. Both games and texting weren’t possible on the Firefly. Furthermore, the phone had a ridiculously minuscule screen which spelt out to kids that nothing could be done on the phone except make calls.

With only five buttons, two of which were marked with ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ symbols, the phone was more one parents would like for their kids than kids would like from their parents.

Toshiba G450

If the design of the Firefly was worth a laugh, the Toshiba G450 had us in stitches. It looked like an MP3 player, crossed with a sound system’s remote control. Toshiba Portege G450 And whoever’s idea it was to arm the phone with two keypads probably got the sack shortly after.
You can’t even text on the phone, and what’s most pitiful about the G450 is that it came out in 2008! That’s a good five years after its basic features would have seemed enticing to consumers.

Have you ever owned one of these or have you had a mobile phone that has promised more and delivered nothing. If so we would love to hear about them.

2 replies on “The Worst Mobile Phones Ever”

Betto Arias
Betto Arias On

My three daughters use a Firefly phone before they know how to write …or read… between 6 and 8 years mostly like a security measure… in almost 10 years of use of the only Firefly, we make so few calls maybe 5 each year… but the phone make his work… We live in Asuncion, Paraguay, South America, sorry … bad english…I know.

Pedro Comacho
Pedro Comacho On

I thought the Firefly was pretty good but always had trouble getting a good signal. So I checked all the US coverage maps. Unlike Europe and other parts of the world there are too many standards for example Verizon, Sprint, have different standards that AT&T and T-Moblie. Found out it was the carrier and not the Firefly phone which I think is a grate phone till your kids hit 11 or 12 depending on how mature the kid is and whether their friends have a more adult phone.

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