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4 Laptops to Look Out For in 2013

Expert critics are predicting that 2013 will be a very good year for laptops. It’s difficult to have the best of both worlds at once. Some laptops can be thought of as a giant, luscious, tasty chocolate cake as opposed to one bite of a pistachio macaroon. But those have their place too. These are some of the laptops we’re most excited about in 2013.

Apple Macbook Pro Retina 13

This laptop is going to be a must for anyone working in the visual art and design industries. The list price is a whopping $1,999. For that money, you get the only retina screen laptop currently in the world, and that’s something worth paying for if visual arts are your livelihood.

Macbook Pro Retina Display
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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

The IdeaPad doesn’t fall in with the current trend of ever thinner laptops with the extras trimmed off. This laptop is excellent for gaming, visuals and has a very good Blu-ray player in built. It’s a lot wider, thicker and heavier than a lot of the laptop class of 2013, but it has nothing to hide. It’s a great machine if your digital life is multimedia-heavy and all for a price of around $1,200.

Lenovo Yoga
Image courtesy of PC

Eurocom Scorpius

The only downside to this gaming machine is that it requires two AC adaptors to be plugged in for maximum performance. If you don’t mind that, or the fact that this is a huge whopper of a laptop that weighs a ton with a price of around $5,200, you will have your socks knocked off by the smooth and powerful gaming capabilities of this beast.

Eurocom Scorpius
Image courtesy of PC

Acer Aspire

The 6GB of memory on this baby is pretty appealing. It has a full numeric keyboard, and the sounds and visuals on this machine are pretty great too. The price is extremely sound – just $499 dollars – making it a great laptop for students.

Acer Aspire S3
Image courtesy of PC


Work out what your priorities are when buying a new machine, then speak to a sales advisor and read online reviews. If you’re buying for a student, then they simply need to transport their work around and are likely to be dropping their laptop down the library stairs and getting drinks spilled on it at house parties. You know how it goes.

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