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Configure Apple Mail Email for Hotmail IMAP


Microsoft announced a few months ago that they were to introduce IMAP support for anyone with a Windows Live, Hotmail, MSN email account. This tutorial we will configure Apple Mail to use IMAP instead of the default POP. We will be using Mavericks the latest version of the Mac operating system although the settings will be the same for any Mail Client on Windows, Mac, Linux and any mobile client.

Setup for Apple Mail
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For anyone that is unsure about the differences between IMAP and POP. POP accounts will download the emails but doesn’t necessarily keep in sync with the emails that are on the server unless you specify in the settings. If you access emails several methods, mobile, tablet, browser or Mail client the email might be on your mobile phone but might not appear on your tablet.

The advantages of IMAP is that it is synchronised across all email clients including the web. Once you delete a email on your phone it will be removed from the server and will be removed from any other device that has access to it.

Let’s Get Started – Open Apple Mail

The first and most important step is to turn off your WiFi as Apple Mail will automatically assume that you will want to use the default POP for accessing your email. Disable or delete any Windows Live Accounts that are currently using POP to access your emails.

Open up Apple Mail and click on Mail -> Add Account

Apple Mail  - Add Account

Click on Add other Mail account
Add Other Mail Account

Add your details to the pop-up box remember to make sure your WiFi is still switched off
Add Mail Account

A box should appear to say that the account must be manually configured.
Account Manual Configuration

Add Incoming Mail Server Settings, ensuring that IMAP is selected.
Incoming Server Settings

Click next and an additional settings box will appear.
Enter 993 for the port number and check the SSL box. Leave authentication set to password.
IMAP Settings - Other Info

Add Outgoing Mail Server Settings
Outgoing Server Settings

If you get asked to enter a port number enter 25 or 587 ( If 25 is blocked ). Turn your WiFi back on and try sending yourself a test message. If you are having any problems sending a test message then go to Mail -> Preferences

Navigate to your email address and click on Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Click on Edit SMTP Server List

Ensure that the following is input
SMTP Port Settings


Hopefully by now you should be able to send and receive emails through your Windows Live account.  If you encounter any problems then please feel free to leave a comment.


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