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The Weird and the Wonderful Smartphone Docking Stations

If you have recently been thinking “Should I really sell my mobile?” maybe you should look at some weird and wonderful docking stations to bring out the best in your smartphone. From the crazy to the downright bizarre, docking stations can provide crystal clear sound and some quirky design to your office or home. Whatever your style and budget, there is sure to be a docking station for you on the market. Here are just a few models which can add some style and intrigue to a room.

iCarta Toilet Paper Holder

If you can’t be separated from your beloved iPhone for 10 minutes or you want to fill your bathroom with your favourite playlist during your morning routine, this toilet paper holder/docking system could be just the iCarta Toilet Paper Holderticket. Surprisingly, the iCarta iPhone and iPod toilet paper dock has been around for a couple of years now, but its unusualness and functionality still make it a great bathroom accessory to show off to your mates. Although it was originally built to fit an iPod, an iPhone 5 can also be slotted into this versatile dock. The model comes with 4 high performance speakers which are moisture-free and an inbuilt charger to keep your i-gadgets on top form.

Pyle PRT551 Retro Home Telephone Dock

This Pyle home telephone dock combine’s retro style with your familiar tech mod cons. Although there are a number of retro docks you can buy, this model (which you can pick up for around £65 online) is compatible with 3.5mm iPhone, iPad, Android and Pyle PRT551 Retro Home Telephone Dock Blackberry models, making this one of the more versatile stations on the market. It also works with both your landline as well as your smartphone. The dock, with its handcrafted wood and the authentic brushed copper details, can take pride of place in your living room or be given away as a great gift.

JBL Onbeat Xtreme

This JBL docking system offers top of the range features, housed within a stunning design. For as little as £209, you can pick up one of these 5-star rated docks for iPhone, iPad and iPhone. Its four 30 watt speakers JBL Onbeat Xtremewith built in Bluetooth wireless technology delivers amazing sound and the relatively small drivers provide an abundance of low-frequency. Its quirky crossed-arms look is also functional and aesthetically pleasing without looking too ‘plasticky’ or cumbersome.

Speakal iCrystal Speak Dock with two speakers

This 30-Pin Speakal model can be used with several iPod and iPhone models. It is compatible with the following: the iPod Nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, iPod Classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G and 6G, iPod Touch 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G and the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. Speakal iCrystal Speak Dock with two speakers The small system is clean and simple and comes in black, red and white. The unusual speakers, which glow blue when in use, deliver loud and clear sound which will fill a large room. This nifty little gadget can be yours from around £60 online and will look great in your home or in the office.

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