Month May 2015

Top 20 Brackets Extensions You Should Use

As a big fan of open source software I was quite excited when Brackets, a code editor, founded by Adobe, was initially released in November 2014. Released for Mac, Windows and Linux and is guided by a community of fans, that are willing to improve and build upon it. Since it’s release I have tested many extensions but here are some of my favourites, for a bonus I’ll throw in the ones that will make Brackets more visually appealing. Star

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I’m Joining Team Alfie for the Kiltwalk – Please Sponsor

On Saturday 7th June,  myself, my daughter, and many others will be participating in the Kiltwalk to raise money for Alfie’s Trust, which was set up to fund research into a rare incurable disease called Lymphangiomatosis.  The disease causes benign tumours to grow anywhere in the body that cannot be removed or shrunk using chemotherapy.

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Review – Sleep Cycle iPhone App

Over the years smartphones are more sophisticated and so too are the apps that you can purchase for them. Having had a pretty tough time lately, sleep was one of the things that was affected in a big way. Having barely slept in January and struggling to get back into a pattern of having several hours sleep in one go, waking up groggy and disinterested in life as a result. In the beginning of March I decided to buy an iPhone app to monitor my sleep (or lack of), something that I would say I was quite pessimistic about to start with but would the app have any effect?

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