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I’m Joining Team Alfie for the Kiltwalk – Please Sponsor

On Saturday 7th June,  myself, my daughter, and many others will be participating in the Kiltwalk to raise money for Alfie’s Trust, which was set up to fund research into a rare incurable disease called Lymphangiomatosis.  The disease causes benign tumours to grow anywhere in the body that cannot be removed or shrunk using chemotherapy.

Alfie’s Trust was set up in September 2011 by Alfie’s parents to raise awareness of this rare disease and raise funds for research. In May 2012 Alfie’s Trust became a registered charity. We will continue raising money to help fund research carried out through the Lymphangiomatosis and Gorham’s Disease Alliance in America (LGDA). There is currently no support network or research-based in the UK. Research is vital to give sufferers a future.

Watch the Video

This short video, featuring Alfie, details the effects of Lymphangiomatosis and what Alfie’s Trust has done since it was set up.

Raising awareness for Lymphangiomatosis

If you want to see me in a kilt (Scary Thought and it’s bound to rain!), please consider sponsoring Team Alfie at Virgin Money Giving. However, small your donation is always appreciated.


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