Month November 2015

WOW Weekly – Microsoft Embrace Open Source, Sony goes Backwards

Welcome to WOW Weekly. This week Microsoft finally shakes hands with the open source community at last after years of snubbing it. Sony announced that they are releasing emulation software for the PS4 which will enable you to play PS2 games but what’s the catch. Apple announce that during the holiday period they will not accept any new apps or updates.

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WOW Weekly – iPad Pro, Xbox One and Google Self Drive

Welcome to WOW Weekly. Apple released the iPad Pro this week but pro really does come at a price! Google’s self driving car got itself into a little bother. Microsoft roll out the latest Xbox One console updates enabling backward compatibility for a selection of 360 games with many more to arrive in the coming months.

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WOW Weekly – Facebook Empathy, Twitter Heart

Welcome to WOW Weekly. Like or dislike, twitter has changed its heart over favourites. Facebook makes Public Events more interesting and shows empathy for developing countries who use Android. Apple have released their 4th Generation Apple TV.

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