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WOW Weekly – Facebook Empathy, Twitter Heart

Welcome to WOW Weekly. Like or dislike, twitter has changed its heart over favourites. Facebook makes Public Events more interesting and shows empathy for developing countries who use Android. Apple have released their 4th Generation Apple TV.

Heart Star Vector- Facebook
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Facebook have officially ditched the maybe button which appears on public events in favour for an interested button. Do you think it would make people more aware or interested in the event? It would be interesting to know how many people who actually publicly announce that they are going to attend an event actually go. Will the interested button make anyone more interested?

On a good note some of Facebook’s employees are switching over to Android phones, in favour of Apple, to experience its app over a 2G connection. This will give developers insights and experience to what it feels like for emerging countries, who have a high Android user-base, and allow them to deliver an app with better user experience. Facebook really does care!

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Twitter changed its star favourite button for a heart like button. Like me (pardon the pun), many people used the favourite button to bookmark stuff to read later. Having a heart button may stop many users using it this way but then it may also increase the way people interact with your tweets. You may get more likes than favourited. It would have been nice to see both a heart button and a star button but that’s probably being too greedy.


Apple have released their 4th Generation Apple TV with the all-new Siri Remote. It is a little pricey at £169 for the 64GB version but with the added bonus of playing games, it might make it on every santa’s list this Christmas. The downside is you may have to increase your budget by £50 to buy the gaming controller and remote loop strap to save your TV and your sanity!

Tool of the Week

For anyone that offers help to family or friends remotely Teamviewer is the goto software for controlling other peoples computers. TeamViewer is free for all non-commercial users and the latest version 11 is available to test and offers faster 15% and ability to use less bandwidth and Unattended access for Android devices. TeamViewer 11 is designed to run on Windows (Including 10), Linux, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow.

New Releases in Brief

Sketch 3.4 is a lightweight, extensible, easy-to-use professional design software for the Mac. The new version comes with plenty of enhancements including re-using layer styles and elements, exporting layers outside of sketch, bitmap editing, improved copy and paste and much more.

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