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iPhone Messages – Block Nuisance Numbers

If you are like me and you are fed up of receiving those annoying nuisance text messages to claim for the accident you have never had, PPI, bank refunds then instead of ignoring them, block them easily with this easy to follow picture tutorial and banish the bad boys for good.

Picture of iPhone with nuisance caller phoning
Image provided by Shutterstock

Let’s Begin

iPhone - Home Screen

Tap on Messages


iPhone - Messages Screen

Tap anywhere on the message where you want to block the sender

iPhone - Nuiscance Message

Tap Details

Even though this message gives you an option to opt-out I would always be hesitant in clicking it as this may increase the number of calls or messages you get from them or other companies as they may sell your number on.  Be aware that these companies will do anything to get you to show an interest and will not stop!

iPhone - Information Screen

Tap on information (i)

iPhone - Click Block

Tap Block this Caller

iPhone - Block Confirmation

Tap Block Contact

iPhone - Contact Now Blocked

The sender is now blocked and you won’t be pestered again.  Repeat this for every other nuisance number until hopefully you will stop receiving them.

 Receiving Nuisance Phone Calls?

If you receive a phone call the process is the same just go to Phone ->Recents and tap on the (i) to bring up the info screen.

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