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Going Anti-Social for 2 Months – The Experience

Back in July after returning from my 3 week trip to Spain and England I took on the task of DIY.  I turned anti-social, in a nice way, not in the yob (ASBO) fashion.  I focused on the tasks that needed to be done around the home. Thankfully I don’t mind getting my hands dirty! Here is my anti-social experience.

Anti-social - A person using a phone, at a table, whilst the other is on a computer

On the 26th July, just 2 days after returning from my holiday I started the daunting task and in 8 weeks I painted 5 rooms including 2 ceilings, all skirting boards, door frames and windowsills.

I replaced an extractor fan, fitted door thresholds, took the TV off the wall and put it back up, shelves off the walls, painted them and put them back up. By this time me and my drill were getting rather acquainted and I began to have a love/hate relationship with decorators caulk.

I went on to modify the bath panel, paint it and re-install it and finally re-grouted the tiles in the bathroom. It may sound more exhausting than it was and no doubt some folk would get this done sooner but I worked full-time in a school, on my feet all day, whilst doing it. I’m not wanting a medal or anything but I’m chuffed.

Home improvements were my priority but  I  also managed to upgrade my 2012 Macbook Pro with a SSD, which I highly recommend, installed Mac OS Sierra. Added content for the new Alfie’s Trust website which hopefully will be going live in the coming months. Attended various birthday parties, charity events and meetings, played football twice a week, might also have sneaked in a few sessions on the Xbox.

All the above meant that I wasn’t very social other than the birthday parties and at work. Facebook, Twitter and sadly my blog lacked much attention.

Why or why do you ask?

In 2015 my fiance, Shaun, suddenly passed away on New Years Day at the age of 35. We had plans, to get married and move to a bigger home.

Now that it’s just me and the kids I want to honour those wishes and do everything possible. Last year was filled with lots of tears, sadness, despair but through it came insight.

Getting a job outside of  IT gave me a regular income and  going back to my roots to work with children with severe learning difficulties is something that is challenging but equally rewarding.

I have met new friends and an entirely new social circle of people who care.

After a year of employment I was offered a permanent contract with extra hours enabling me to move to a bigger home.  Leaving my current home will be equally sad and exciting but I will be taking my 16 years of memories of Shaun with me.

Work/Life Balance

You can balance your life and still include social networking but in my experience just giving them up for a short period of time can be just as productive.

If you spend 3 hours a night glued to Facebook, Twitter etc. think of what you can do in that 3 hours.  Life is short!


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