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WordPress Plugins: Will They Still Be Useful in 2017?

WordPress is the biggest Content Management System (CMS) when it comes to blogging, and there aren’t many other platforms that come close in terms of ease of use, with a large development community that supports it. WordPress has grown over the years from a basic blogging platform that enabled users to setup their blogs with ease, to a platform that now lets users create their own themes and plugins, which can easily be installed on other sites using WordPress.

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There are now thousands of free themes and plugins to download thanks to many authors, and many of them prove to be very useful, but some of them do not offer a lot at all. One thing is for certain when it comes to plugins, though, and that is that they will still be useful in 2017 and years to come, and here are some of the reasons why.

Web Developers Can Build Full Sites Based On WordPress Plugins Easily

Many website developers have created some of the biggest websites on the WordPress platform, so it is widely popular thanks to its ease of use. Developers are able to build fully working sites thanks to the themes and many plugins they have access to. This means that web developers have been able to develop simple sites that consist of basic information, to more extensive sites like Sun Bingo by taking advantage of premium plugins.

Many More Developers Are Still Creating Useful Plugins

For as long as plugins are useful, there is no reason why they won’t be taken advantage of for years to come. Unless another blogging platform on the horizon can compete with WordPress in the long run, then it would be hard to see why plugins still won’t be useful when using the popular blogging platform.

This is why so many developers and investors are still spending time and money in bringing plugin ideas to life because they know the platform is widely used and it isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon.

There Are WordPress Plugins for Every Niche

Anything you can think of doing when it comes to developing a new website, you can be sure WordPress has one plugin that will let you complete the whole project or at least multiple plugins that can be used together to get the same result. There are many simple plugins that will change the language of the Admin Panel to much more advanced plugins that will let you create a fully working shop that accepts payments on your behalf.

WordPress Will Continue to Grow Further

WordPress has been around for years now, and it’s predicted that it will continue to grow with the internet and website development as a whole. There isn’t any other platform on the market currently that can compete with WordPress, and as they have such a massive development community that loves working with the platform, it will take a lot of effort for anyone be able to compete with WordPress in the long run.

The Plugin and Theme Market is Huge

There are hundreds of websites that allow plugin and theme authors to list their products for sale, and these sites are very popular among site developers basing their projects on the WordPress platform. Not only are all of the free plugins and themes are taken advantage of, but a lot of free plugins also come with features that only premium users are allowed to use.

This means that if a user likes a free plugin, they will often invest in the premium version that will give them access to even better features that will ultimately allow them to build their projects even easier. The plugin and theme market is huge because of this and for as long as the WordPress platform remains popular, there is no reason why plugins and themes will suffer in the near future, and certainly not in 2017.

The above are just some of the many reasons why WordPress development will continue to prosper, and for as long as the WordPress platform exists and remains popular in the development community, there is no reason why plugins and themes won’t be useful in 2017 and beyond.

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