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Hot New Web Dev – June 2022

Welcome to Web Dev June 2022 edition, featuring the latest web development technologies. This month we say goodbye to a piece of software that everyone used and it was every web designer’s worst nightmare. We have a look at our tool for the month which can benefit those who are content creators. As usual, we will discuss all the latest and greatest resources in the coding and web design world.

RIP Internet Explorer

Finally, after years of plaguing web designers, Microsoft has finally killed off internet explorer. Was it that bad? If you develop websites in the last 27 years the answer to that is yes and I don’t think you will find a web designer who says otherwise. If you are you’ll likely be in denial. If you were an average user and just needed to use some software to browse the web you may have never even noticed how web designers needed to use hacks to get their designs to work.

A gravestone purchased by Jung Ki-young | Source

You may have not even noticed that there were other browsers available at the time as Internet Explorer was shipped as the default browser for every version of its operating system. Today this would be called “vendor lock-in”, which you do not give a user the option to choose software for themselves. How was this rectified? As internet speeds got better people started to use alternative browsers. First Mozilla Firefox, formally Netscape, is still a popular browser in use today. Opera, which was a commercial option at the time grabbed some attention. It wasn’t until Google released Chrome that things started to change. People then used Internet Explorer to download other browsers.

We will say goodbye to Internet Explorer now. You gave us The Box Model, Double Margin, No Min/max-width, stepdown, no hover states, and no PNG transparency. These were all bugs that you left web designers blue in the face and on the edge.


CSS Tricks

Web Design Resources

If you are interested in learning web design and like to read books you can find plenty of resources available. If you want to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript checkout the freely available books online.

The modern web developer needs to create an experience for all who use assistive technologies, such as screen readers. To help create user interface elements that conform to the web standards set by the W3C you can find patterns to help create accessible menus, alerts, breadcrumbs etc.

Coding Resources

PyScript is a framework that allows users to create rich Python web applications in the browser, thus allowing developers to work with an easy to learn language. PyScript is brought to you by the developer of Anaconda which amongst being specialists in data science produce Python software.

woman programming on a notebook
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If you are using JavaScript frameworks you will likely have to work with managing the state. If you don’t already know state management can keep track of user input and data accross HTTP requests. Nanny State is a state management system that works with vanilla JavaScript projects.

Web Tool Of The Month

Tool of the month this week is actually a search engine, believe it or not. Yep was built by Ahrefs, a software company specialising in SEO. The privacy-focused search engine aims to deliver fair searches to all and reward the content creators. Instead of your search engine results being displayed on the tenth page you may well be on the first page, depending on the quality of your content.

The Best of the Rest in June 2022

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