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OnClick Pro Academy [Scam] Updates

Have you been a victim of Platform X, OnClick Pro, formally Academy? Before Christmas 2022, I published a post about a promising company using poor tactics to scam people out of money. In my conclusion, I believed that this company would start its shady tricks once more, and it has happened. This post will contain any updates on the situation. In the meantime, if you have any concerns please get in touch. Please don’t become another victim!

If you are interested in this story please check out the full introduction to how OnClick Pro has acted before these updates. For your information, this is not a witch hunt. Victor has had many opportunities to reply to the chain of emails he started. He has chosen not to and has not apologised for taking any money from his customers during the time it was called OnClick Academy. Victor is known as a Grifter. I highly recommend that you make your decision wisely and not purchase anything from the platform. I will keep posting updates as I get them.

Warning sign for safety. OnClick Pro Scam
Image courtesy of OpenVerse

Latest OnClick Pro Updates

He has changed OnClick Pro to Platform X. He is still selling the same items with only 1 purchase available. Buy it and he will be selling it again tomorrow! I can guarantee. The detail on the 26th of March is evidence enough to suggest that Victor is a grifter. He is aware of all the negative press and is starting to get more desperate, hence the sudden name change!

Are you a Victim?

In April I received an incoming email from another person who has fallen victim to this scam. He is looking into legal proceedings in the US and Europe. If you are a victim in the United States you can log a complaint with the FTC. Victims in Europe can report it to OLAF. There is an opportunity to collate a list of users affected to substantiate further any claims made to the FTC or OLAF. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more. He is now using the Wise platform to ask for money. Please do not give him any!

Latest Updates

August 2023

OnClick is under new management so I will cease updates on them. However Victor Bastos, the previous owner, continues to spam all the mailing list contacts gathered.

July 2023

So far in July, I have received 7 emails from Web Labs, OnClick and Victor himself. They are offering the same deals as in the previous months with Lifetime access to Udemy courses as well. Alarmingly one of the emails asks the user to pay via Western Union with a YouTube video howto. Red flag anyone?

Older Updates

29th December 2022 & 12th January 2023

Received an email saying that OnClick Pro will be online soon.

19th January

Received multiple emails saying that after 2 months offline the site is now live. Everybody’s accounts have been restored. Also received an email to say that the selling rights package has been closed. On offer were reseller rights to 6 courses.

20th January

A new email to say you can buy all the services available, advertising it as a crazy deal. On checking this deal out you can get the following for $299. A business site, job board, online school, store, marketing, unlimited clients, traffic and sales conversion with a saving of $9,600. Crazy, yes. Too good to be true definitely.

I also received an email saying that OnClick Pro has launched a Udemy Enterprise Partnership where you can access 9,000 courses. This is available to only 10 students.

21st January

Received an email saying that the Udemy Business account is legit after people contacted them to find out. They confirmed that it was 100% legit and they were making a loss. Incidentally, there is only 1 spot available left.

22nd January

You can now request a trial demo for Udemy Unlimited.

23rd January

The MASTER plan membership is available. Sell products on the OnClick store, lifetime access to all the store items and Udemy unlimited access.

Emails sent: 2

24th January

The MASTER plan membership is now $49 instead of $499. On the same day, the MEGAPACK launched giving you all the rights to Victor’s Udemy courses, Unlimited Udemy access and a master plan membership. Worth $10,000, selling for $99.

12th February

The OnClick Pro platform is for sale. Purchase our onClick platform for $499. Only available to 1 person.

Emails sent: 2

14th February

Last chance, get ownership of the platform for $199.

Emails sent: 2

15th & 18th February

Same email as above.

Emails sent: 2

19th February

Much the same as the email above but says that you can make $30,000 a month.

Emails sent: 3

21st and 22nd February

Selling the platform for $99.

Emails sent: 4

23rd February

He’s selling the platform for health reasons. He apparently has made enough money and wants to give back to the community. You can also purchase a business package for $99 and with 1-month support for $199.

Emails sent: 2

24th February

Closing in a few hours with the same information as above.

25th February

Last call to purchase for $75. Get lifetime access to Udemy Business. $199

Emails sent: 3

27th February

Get Udemy Enterprise for $59.

Emails sent: 3

1st March

Another last call email to purchase for $75.

5th March

Become the owner for $50. Again citing that he is retiring due to ill health.

Emails sent: 2

8th March

Last day to purchase for $75 where you can own the brand and he will even chuck in the user list of 92,000 emails he has obtained illegally and spammed for the past few years.

Emails Sent: 2

15th March

Get pro + 1-month training for $150

19th March

Purchase Udemy Unlimited to access 270,000 courses for $299 for a lifetime. Only one spot is available. Another email to say that he is selling the platform + 1 month of support for $499.

Emails Sent: 2

21st March

Purchase Udemy Unlimited for $199. Can only sell to one user.

25th March

Buy the platform for $49, again with video training on how to manage and profit from it.

26th March

Same message as the previous email. This time the email has the subject header “Copy of Contract Attached”. The attachment itself is in Word format. I received an email from a viewer who purchased the deal on the 8th of March. He continues to sell the platform despite this one-time deal!

27th March

Another email to buy everything for $449.

29th March

50% off the previous email. You can purchase the platform for $225.

16th April

The lowest-ever price is $39, including video training on how to manage and profit from this platform.

19th April

The price has been put back up to $99 including all of the previous extras.

27-29th April

Changed the platform name to Platform X. Repeating the same offers.

May 2023

May was a pretty quiet month with only four emails. Offering the platform for $199 then three days later for free with an incentive of making $3 million dollars from it. On the 8th May, he advertised it as free again.

June 2023

In June I received 7 emails with prices varying from $69-$29. Some of the emails were from Web Labs and one came from OnClick App.

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