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WordPress, an open-source content management system, powers a significant portion of the web. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and vast plugin ecosystem, it enables even those with limited technical knowledge to craft professional-looking websites. However, its flexibility also attracts seasoned developers, who leverage its capabilities to build complex, dynamic platforms. Whether for a simple blog or a robust e-commerce site, WordPress remains a formidable tool in the web development arsenal.

New World WordPress Theme

New World was an adaptation of my 3rd WordPress theme. It is lightweight and suitable for all audiences. It includes a customisable social networking header that has it’s own admin area. Comments are written throughout the template files to aid your customisation. Once downloaded please read the readme.html in the instructions folder for general F.A.Qs. The latest version is 1.3.2 which was released on 3rd February 2011.

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New To WordPress, Now What? Newbies Guide

So you are a newbie that has just installed WordPress? Not sure what to do next or which order to do it in? Whether you want to change your permalink structure, tweak your SEO or want to publish your posts on various social networks then here is a little guide to help get you started with you new blog.

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WorldOWeb WordPress Theme

WorldOWeb WordPress theme was the original theme that I decided to release into the world. It is a lightweight theme that is suitable for all audiences. It has been tested with WordPress 2.7 upwards. The latest version is 2.2.9 which was released on 3rd October 09. This theme has been deprecated.

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WordPress Twitip ID Light Reloaded

Now that I am a twitterer I have decided to integrate Twitter into my WordPress theme. I decided to install WP-Twitip-ID which adds a form field to your comments template, stores the twitter id that is entered and then displays the corresponding twitter ID within the comments.

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WP EduBlog WordPress Theme

WP Edublog WordPress Theme is for release. It is a very simple minimalistic design which is suitable for a learning environment such a school. It has been tested with WordPress 2.7 upwards. Latest Version is 1.4.1 which was released on 22nd September 09.

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Exclude WordPress Pages from Displaying In Search Page!

WordPress automatically assigns the default category to a single page. This is a simple way to exclude certain pages, for example, a contacts page, from displaying in your search results. A simple way around this is to create a new category, in this instance I have called it pages. Once the category is created hover over the newly created category and look for the cat-ID number as shown below, remember it or write it down.

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