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Integrate WP Single Post Navigation into your WordPress Theme


This tutorial shows you how to integrate the WP Single Post Navigation into your theme without using the plugin. I initially attempted to use the plugin and for some reason it didn’t work on my custom child theme based on TwentyEleven so I decided to hard code it into my theme by adding it to my functions.php. I will show you two methods, one to display the default WordPress single post navigation and one to display how to reverse the links for a book like affect.


Access to a text editor or IDE with a built in FTP client. A little knowledge of how the WordPress single post permalink navigation works, may also be of use.

Further Reading

First Method- Default Single Post Navigation

We will start with the default WordPress post navigation. First and foremost open up the functions.php with your text editor or IDE and add the following code.

If you are happy with the default method you may skip the next section and jump in to adding the CSS.

2nd Method – Reverse Single Post Navigation

Now for the reverse order with the left arrow now navigating to the older items for a book like effect. Simply add the following to your functions.php

Add the CSS

Open up style.css and add the following.


There are pros and cons to hardcoding a plugin directly into your functions.php especially when a plugin needs updating. This plugin, however is pretty stable and if all you need is another way of navigating then why not hard code it into your theme. I have left the plugin on my site, deactivated so if any new features arise I will simply update this post to inform you.


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