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Yet Another Simple JavaScript To-Do List

To ask a simple question; Do we need another JavaScript to-do list? I guess it depends on whom it’s for to guess the right answer. A to-do app is generally a beginner’s project in any programming language. If I chuck another one in the mix it may be useful. It is likely to be different from any other. Why is that? My father would say, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. (Not that he would have, he loved cats). In programming, there are many ways to do things. Whether it’s a different naming convention, organisation of code. We all have our own ways to do things. Anyhow, enough of my ramblings, let’s begin.

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Stretched Bulma NavBar Navigation Tutorial

Welcome to my stretched Bulma navigation tutorial. For those of you that don’t know. Bulma is an incredibly easy to use free and open-source CSS Framework built on the latest CSS flexbox features. Bulma comes with many components, such as a navigation bar and elements like tooltips and buttons which can be customised to suit your needs. Furthermore, it is modular, allowing you to use as many or little features that you require.

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Hello Bulma CSS Framework, Goodbye Bootstrap

During spring, I decided to give WOW a little overhaul and create a new WordPress theme. I previously used bootstrap 3, which at the time was very stable. During the development stage, I could upgrade to Bootstrap 4 or change to another framework.  Having looked at several options I opted to choose Bulma, a fast-growing lightweight CSS framework. Here are my findings.

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