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Hot New Web Dev – February 2024

Welcome to Hot Web Dev February 2024, featuring the latest technology and web development news. This month’s edition features the new release of KDE Plasma for all of you Linux fans. We have some new learning opportunities as well as web design resources. Our tool of the month is the ultimate productivity privacy-focused browser you won’t regret installing.

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Hot New Web Dev – January 2024

Happy New Year and welcome to Hot Web Dev January 2024, featuring the latest technology and web development news. In this month’s edition, we feature some more old-school technologies, including a programming language. Find out more about a free JavaScript Bootcamp and how to spice up your shell.

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Programming

It can be hard to start programming. Especially if you’re going from a newish casual developer to doing a degree. Considering I’m in my fourth and final year of said degree, I’d like to think I know my way around my IDE of choice by now. I’d also like to think I know a few more things than 17-year-old Cait did back when I started my degree, I’d only really done basic HTML scripting, SQL and Python, and hadn’t considered the fact I could set up my IDE with other extensions to make my life easier.

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Hot New Web Dev – March 2022

Welcome to the March 2022 edition of the latest web development technologies. This month on hot web dev. We feature Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and its place in the IT industry. How AI is being used in recruitment to both hire and fire people! Does AI take into consideration those that are neurodiverse? Don’t forget to check out the usual monthly roundup of coding and web design resources.

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An Introductory Guide to Java

Java. You might’ve heard of it. It’s largely prominent in the computing world and is used for a wide variety of things. You could be a gamer, and heard of it through games like Minecraft; you could own an Android phone and know of it through that, or you could just know of it because of those pesky .jar files that you keep downloading off of the internet. It might also make you think of coffee.

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