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Hot New Web Dev – January 2024

Happy New Year and welcome to Hot Web Dev January 2024, featuring the latest technology and web development news. In this month’s edition, we feature some more old-school technologies, including a programming language. Find out more about a free JavaScript Bootcamp and how to spice up your shell.

Old School Technologies

This January celebrated 40 years since Apple released the first Mac. The Macintosh 128KB home computer was small, lightweight, and comparatively cheap, at $2,495 compared to its unsuccessful predecessor, Lisa, which cost a whopping $9,995. The Mac featured a GUI which spurred competitors to copy the years after. Of course, this is something that we all rely on if you are not comfortable with the terminal and its text-based offerings. Whether you love or hate Apple the Macintosh helped shape the technology world.

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Everybody remembers the first programming language language they started to learn. Long before the internet had decent speeds and YouTube was invented I began to learn the world of the web and started a course on web design. The course came on floppy disks and the modules featured Java programming, HTML and CSS. It would be bizarre to do the course now as back then Java could run on a web browser using applets.

Can you believe it’s 28 years since the release of Java 1.0? According to the Tiobe index, it remains in the top 5 programming languages. Now we are on version 21 and Its use case is more in the enterprise world. Despite that, it’s still a desirable programming language to learn.


Digital Trends

Learning Resources

While we are featuring Java in this month’s edition of Wow mag. If you are interested in learning more about the popular language you can learn from Java Projects for All: From Beginner to Expert Level Coding Fun! and Essential 10 Java Tips for Mastery.

Now on to JavaScript. Do you fancy joining a free JavaScript Bootcamp with no signup? If so head over to BadWebsiteClub. The course is focused on the new algorithms and data structures course, offered by FreeCodeCamp. It starts on the 12th of February so register now. If you are familiar with JavaScript and want to move on to learning a framework. Consider learning with this React step-by-step guide.

Web Design Resources

When it comes to icon packs there are plenty to choose from on the web. They usually come in a standard size and with the power of SVG, you can easily scale them to suit your project. Enter Heroicons Micro which comes as part of the heroicons pack. They are specifically set at 16×16 pixels and are perfect for high-density user interfaces.

There are many CSS generators on the web. Whether you are looking for a gradient, layout or animations you can usually find what you need. If you are looking for glass-effect, also known as Glassmorphism, here is a selection of the best glass-effect CSS generators on the web.

Web Tool Of The Month

The tool of the month is adding a little appeal to your terminal shell. Starship is a cross-platform shell prompt that integrates with bash, zsh, fish, PowerShell and many more.

A shell prompt is a command-line interface provided by a shell, which is a program that interprets and executes user commands. Written in Rust It can be fully configured to work with a variety of tools and programming languages such as Git, Rust and Java. It also comes with community-powered presets and themes to enhance the style to something you prefer.

The Best of the Rest in January 2024

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