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Result Driven And Innovative Web Design Trends To Follow In 2019

In this penultimate year of the decade, there are lost to know and do in web design especially when the internet has undergone such dramatic changes in the past couple of years. Expectations of the users, business owners and shareholders have also changed at an equally rapid pace. Therefore, as a web designer, you will need to know the current as well as the upcoming trends in web design and deliver just as your clients want.

Web Design on Screens

This is also the age when mobiles phones are reigning supreme and have become an indispensable tool that is used for several other purposes apart from talking to a person at the other end of the line. Most significantly, mobile phones now are used to access the internet to:

  • Play games
  • Watch live streaming of any event
  • Look for information about products, services, research topics and a host of other things.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to create websites that are responsive – meaning it can be used in both mobile as well as desktops. You will now see a lot of use of different web designing techniques by the web designers to take the level of marketing and digital strategy to a new height. These techniques include:

  • AR or Augmented Reality
  • VR or Virtual Reality
  • AI or Artificial Intelligence
  • AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages and several others that have all sorts of different acronyms.

All these technologies and techniques may seem to be very exciting all being new but using these in web design is not as easy as you may think. You will have to follow specific guidelines and use these as required by your site, customers and marketers.

Creativity is the key

Modern web designing is all about creativity. More creative you are with your design better will be your final product that will be liked more by your clients. Therefore, the current trends of web designed have pushed the limit of creativity to almost its extreme level. You will see simple things abandoned now such as:

  • Use of grids
  • Traditional stock photos
  • Bold colours
  • Vibrant illustrations or Asymmetrical layouts.

On the contrary, the web designers of this day and era are making the best use of the technological advancements to make the modern websites smarter and more productive with the help of subtle interactions and machine learning.
Design Branding
It is this paradigm shift that has brought in the 2019 web design trends that you need to know. This ideally has two sides, technology and aesthetics that have been blended together like never before.

Dominating web design trends and predictions

In 2019, there are few specific web design trends noticed and a few are predicted by the experts as well that may come up in a couple of years down the road. However, you should not consider these trends to be the last word or the ultimate in creativity and innovation.

Therefore, stay abreast with the changing trends always and ever as that is the only and the last call for all web designers to make a distinct impression in the web designing circuit in this age. Here is the list.
Serifs on screen:
There are two aspects of it that you may have already heard of and acquainted wit namely:

  • Serifs that are for print
  • Sans serifs that are typically for the screen.

In sans, the focus is on the clean readability. This helps in going for the lengthier bouts of a website copy. It is for this reason that more and more web designers are using bold serifs in callouts, headers and all other aspects of their design.

Serifs are designed to make things more decorative, this helps the designers to give more emphasis on a particular subject more perfectly. As for a serif which is associated mostly with the past, it is much more adaptable and has a lot of character that you can possibly think.
These are conventional trends that are still followed but now it is done with a better and more focused approach.

Black and white palettes:

Colour is one of the most significant aspects to consider while designing a web. Use of the perfect colour according to the text, the theme, the product and the message will facilitate in creating the right mood, attention and appeal to the users. In addition to that, it also guides the users and unifies them with the brand by creating a visual landmark through a useful and interactive interface.

However, in 2019 you will notice that most of the designers are using and daring to use more of black-and-white palettes in their web design simply to make their statement and effects more impressive. This is because of two simple reasons such as:

  • White colour by itself is reserved apart from being clean.
  • The colour black is assertive and strong.

When these two are combined, it creates a very distinct and strong contrast making the entire design look striking and different altogether.

You as a designer can even enhance its appeal and effects by adding an accent colour in minimal amount with this combination of black and white. This will not only breakdown the extent of monochrome but will also add a focal point to the design to make the calls to action and points of interest pop up and out.

Natural and organic shapes:

This is another significant trend noticed amongst the web designers. Smooth lines and natural shapes are used mostly though it is a common belief that web pages are normally set up for the systematic grids. Designers are now focusing on the use of different geometric structures such as lines, squares, triangles and rectangles. This helps them to:

  • Create a better sense of stability with the sharp corners
  • It also increases the accessibility
  • The level of feeling and comfort.

Organic shapes are in most cases considered to be asymmetrical and naturally imperfect but when used properly in web design it can provide depth and make the page elements stand out.

All these trends will help you to create an illusion of movement making your designs feel alive and human.

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