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Open Source Gems

Everybody has heard of open source and may have used popular software such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Libre office, Eclipse, Filezilla, GIMP and Audacity. Here are some gems that you may or may not heard of that do a good job for free.

Media Coder (Windows)

Media Coder is an all in one media tool which will convert popular formats of audio and video, rip DVDs, extract audio from DVDs, convert to audio and video playback devices such as a mobile phone or PSP. Media Coder also works on Linux using Wine and Mac by using Darwine.

BonkEnc (Windows)

BonkEnc is an audio converter and CD ripper which supports MP3, MP4/M4A, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, and Bonk files. It is available in 34 different languages and is also available as a portable edition.


aTunes (Windows|Linux|Mac)

aTunes is an alternative to iTunes, if you hadn’t already guessed. It is a multi platform audio player and manager that will rip CDs and also includes a tag manager. Currently aTunes plays mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac and MP4 files.

aTunes Audio Player and Manager

VLC (Windows|Linux|Mac)

VLC is a multimedia player that will play virtually any media source including DVDs. Also has the ability to stream video across a network.

XBMC Media Center (Windows|Linux|Mac)

XBMC Media Center is a multi platform media center to rival Windows Media Center software. The perfect all-in-one media management software that is extensible with plugins and skins and can play and show a wide variety of formats.


Avidemux (Windows|Linux|Mac)

Avidemux is a multi-purpose, multi-platform video editing software. To get you started they have a good selection of tutorials on their wiki that will get you editing your home movies in a flash.

TrueCrypt (Windows|Linux|Mac)

TrueCrypt is encryption software which enables you to create a encrypted partition, drive or a USB flash drive to store all of your sensitive data on which will inevitably prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands.

Peazip (Windows|Linux|Mac)

PeaZip is a file archive manager can read, write and extract a wide range of formats including ZIP, TAR and 7Z and many more. With a very easy to use interface you can ZIP and unZIP your files with ease. Available as a portable edition.

KeePass (Windows|Linux|Mac)

KeePass is a easy to use password manager which features are strong security, import and export to many files, multiple user keys. Keep all of your passwords in one safe place. Available as a portable edition.

aMSN (Windows|Linux|Mac)

aMSN is an open source instant messenger to rival windows messenger formally MSN. aMsn has all of the functions that are available to Windows Messenger, such as custom emoticons, offline messaging, display pictures, voice clips, conferencing and full speed file transfer.


Ultra Defrag (Windows)

Ultra Defrag is an open source disk defragmenter. Start on boot function will speed up the process of your defragmentation dramatically and will also defragment all files, including system files. Can also defragment single files and folders.

InfraRecorder (Windows)

Infra Recorder is a CD/DVD burning software. You can create audio, data and mixed-mode projects and record them as a disc image, like ISO and BIN/CUE or burn them to a CD. Support for dual layer DVDS and MP3 encoder is available as a separate install. Portable version available.

Eraser (Windows)

Eraser is a secure file shredder that will delete all of your sensitive data such as cookies, internet cache, index.dat and paging file and also adds an erase option to the context menu and recycle bin. Portable version available.

Startup Manager (Windows)

Startup Manager is a little program that enables you to disable programs that you don’t want to start when you boot up your computer. Portable version available.

Miro (Windows|Linux|Mac)

Miro is an internet TV manager. Browse through a large selection of channels and Videos from all the popular sites, like YouTube and download the content to your hard drive. Subscribe to videos channels via RSS and every new video will automatically download.

Miro Internet TV Manager

Are you a fan of open source software? Have you used any of the above or have you got any of your own recommendations? Please feel free to comment



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