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My Switch To Linux and Why I Will Never Look Back!

Back in 2007, I discovered a Linux OS called Ubuntu and how everybody was raving about it. I tried it on my desktop computer and I could not get my wireless USB stick to work so I gave up. Roll on 2 years and I was slightly curious again so I installed a different distro, this time Mandriva. Everything worked perfect and I was instantly converted.

Having had a bad experience with Ubuntu I discovered Linux Mint 7 in August 2009. Having previously used the KDE desktop I was curious to see what Gnome was like. After installing Gloria I knew instantly that I have found the one distro for me. From the looks to the speed, everything was great.

Mint is now on version 9 which has got to be the best version yet. It took me 10 minutes to install and I had most of my programs up and running within an hour. The speed of my laptop when running Mint compared to XP is noticeably different, which allows me to do far more with mint, especially running multiple programs.


What does the future hold for Linux? Well after my experience in 2007 I was glad to try it again and that my computer actually runs better and has a little eye candy. There is a good range of software and with the likes of Ubuntu Tweak and Ailurus, tweaking, adding sources (latest versions of software) and cleaning have been made simple, thus making it very user-friendly.

Nautilus File Manager

Now as for gaming and the news that Steam is going to release a version for Linux can only make Linux stronger than ever. I have often dreamed of playing my Football manager game on my Linux box.
I would, however, love to get my Belkin USB network hub working so that I can print and access my external hard drive. I am sure Belkin would also gain some popularity aiming their products for all OS’s.

To draw a conclusion If you have had a bad experience with Linux in the past don’t ever let it put you off. I didn’t and I made the switch and that’s why I will never look back. My computer runs Linux perfect and I can still use my favourite software such as Aptana, Gimp, LAMPP, Evolution and Firefox to name a few.  If I bought a new computer tomorrow I would first install Mint.

Were you pleased with making the switch? Did everything go plain sailing? What future do you think that Linux holds? I would love to hear all of your stories

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1 reply on “My Switch To Linux and Why I Will Never Look Back!”

Nattefrost On

Hmmm, good to read that you did not give it up just because of Ubuntu! :}
So far, I have had only good experiences with Linux.
Yeah, I have faced the very same thing: making wireless work is not the easiest task. But this is the only weak point of Linux I have ever had to deal with.
Oh yeah, I remember the very same enthusiasm on the very first day I tried Linux. Speed, yeah! I could hardly believe that it was the very same machine which had given me so bad headaches with Windows XP.

To answer your question in this blogpost: I think many Linux distributions have an enormous future. As long as there will be people who are not afraid to try out something new, people who dare to believe that Linux is not only for “antisocial geeks who speak not in human languages but in binary codes”…

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