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Top 10- Inspiring Linux Websites

I am relatively new to Linux and have used is as my primary OS for the past year. I have come across some wonderful inspiring sites that have helped me through the process and made it easier. Here are my top ten Linux Web sites.


Webupd8 have an extensive amount of posts covering Linux, Windows and the web. They have recently launched their own launchpad PPA so that you can update your software with ease.


Follow @webupd8 on twitter.

OMG Ubuntu

OMG Ubuntu features include tutorials, reviews, polls and application releases. Their posts are concise and informal making them easier to understand for all.

OMG Ubuntu

Follow @omgubuntu on twitter.


HowtoForge hosts easy to follow Linux tutorials covering all topics. Topics include Distributions, servers, DNS, Email, FTP and many more.

How To Forge is a product from the Linux foundation. Harnessing the power of Linux users worldwide to inform, collaborate and connect on all matters Linux. is for the community by the community.

Follow @linuxfoundation on twitter.

Ubuntu Geek

Ubuntu geek is an informative website that aims to help the transition easier from Windows. This blog contains Ubuntu Tips, tricks, howto’s, news and articles.

Ubuntu Geek

Follow @ubuntugeek on twitter.


WorksWithU is produced by Nine Lives Medai inc. They track the strengths and weaknesses of Ubuntu and deliver content via their blog.

Works WIth U

Follow @WorksWithU on twitter.


TuxRadar, backed by the magazine Linux Format, is a website devoted to supporting the free software community by providing news, reviews, tutorials and more for free. They also publish a podcast about free software every two weeks.


Follow @tuxradar on twitter.

Distrowatch started out as a very simple table that tracked the 5 major Linux distributions. Now with 317 active distributions, distrowatch has grown into very popular website that keeps you informed of the latest releases and keeps you informed on Linux news via a weekly newsletter.


Follow @DistroWatch on twitter. is one of the biggest online communities, social networks and portals for the free desktop movement in the world where developers, artists and users can share applications, tools, wallpapers, sounds, icons, themes and other artwork and stuff for the open desktop.


Follow @openDesktop on twitter.

Ubuntu Tweak

Not only is Ubuntu Tweak a website that provides a online catalogue of software and sources it is also a application that is designed to configure Ubuntu and make it easier for everyone. It provides many useful desktop and system options that the default desktop environment doesn’t provide.

Ubuntu Tweak

Follow @Ubuntu_Tweak on twitter.

Do you have a favourite website that is dedicated to Linux users?

8 replies on “Top 10- Inspiring Linux Websites”

Michael Park
Michael Park On

Cool new site is available dedicated to promoting free user documentation and Linux Desktop environments. The site provides absolutely free access to virtualized Linux desktops (current availability = Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora16).

I apologize for replying to such an old post, but it’s a fresh new site that needs some users 🙂 All desktops are launched from your browser, using an optimized version of x11vnc. Take a look and make yourselves at home!

Resume Templates
Resume Templates On

The was outstanding! thanks for this huge collection. made my morning!

It was very nice for you to take the time and place these sites and descriptions here so new windows fools like me that desire to learn linux can learn from.


A bored windows user

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