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Overview of the EMC Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence

The EMC Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence (E22-250) Exam is part of the certification requirements for the IT Operations Intelligence certification track from the EMC Proven Professional program. This exam will test your skills and knowledge that will be needed for job roles that involve monitoring and managing business networks using Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence products. Work experience using Ionix Service Assurance Manager v8.1.1 and Ionix IP Availability Manager v8.1.1 is highly recommended before taking this exam.

Preparation for the EMC Ionix Exam

To help you prepare for this exam, you should be familiar with topics such as Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence Technologies architecture; Ionix Service Assurance Manager, including groups, domain configurations, notification adaptors, and the overall user environment. EMC ionix Other topics will likely include aspects of Ionix IP Availability Manager including installation, topology, architecture, and starting/stopping IP domain manager. You will have a 90-minute time limit in which to answer the 60 questions presented on this exam.

To help build upon your work experience, EMC is offering three courses that will also help to prepare you for this certification exam. The Ionix Service Assurance Manager Administrator, Ionix IP Manager Administrator, and EMC Ionix IT Operations Intelligence Overview courses are available.

In addition, self-study guides such as Testslive are also valuable cert exam preparation aids. Tests live allows you to customize your study time with review guides and practice questions for the EMC E22-250 exam. With a multi-faceted approach, your success is virtually guaranteed.


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