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Review – Visopix Ultra Mini Keyboard

I have had my hands on a Visopix Ultra Mini Keyboard to road test for 2 weeks now. The Visopix works on computers, running either Windows, Linux or Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Set Top boxes, HD players, tablets and Smartphones and comes with a built in laser for presentations. It boasts a full qwerty keyboard with a touchpad and mouse buttons.

Front Image of Visopix

Build Quality and Aesthetics

The Visopix keyboard arrived in a smart attractive box. Some would say an ideal present or gift as there is no look of cheapness to it. Inside the box we have the keyboard that measures 1515912.5mm, a USB charging cable and a instruction manual. Inside the rear of the keyboard there is a little compartment where the tiny wireless USB receiver can be stored safely.

The keyboard itself has a inbuilt lithium battery that will need charging upon opening. A full charge took 2 hours whilst battery life is still going strong after 2 weeks. The keyboard itself is has a lovely smooth but grippy feeling to it. You can safely hold it comfortable in both hands without dropping it. It is extremely lightweight at 100g and small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag.

Rear Image of Visopix

Testing the Visopix

I tested the Visopix on my Notebook running Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 7, a non-branded tablet, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. On my notebook the touchpad was very responsive and the location of the mouse buttons on the left of the device made it easier to use both at the same time. The keys are adequately spaced apart allowing my larger than average fingers to type. The feeling and feedback from the keys is pleasant and not too clicky. The media hot keys make playing and changing music a breeze in both Windows 7 and Ubuntu which will definitely come in handy when you want some background music whilst hosting your dinner party.

On my Android tablet running ICS I was able to successfully input text and a mouse pointer appeared on my screen whilst navigating using the touchpad.

Next came the Xbox 360. I was able to type a message a lot quicker than using the controller so that was beneficial. Unfortunately the touchpad and mouse buttons were not compatible with any of the Xbox 360 software. I would have liked the PgUp and PgDn buttons to have at least worked with IE10 but I wouldn’t let this put you off buying this product. Obviously MS would prefer you to buy their version!

Testing the keyboard on the PS3 however was pleasantly surprising. I was able to sign in using the touchpad, navigate through the screens, select games, change settings and input text all without using a controller.


Rating: 9/10


  • Works on multiple devices
  • Very comfortable to hold and use
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Laser Pointer Feature
  • Good layout with keys, buttons and touchpad
  • Good value at £30


  • No bluetooth support
  • Instruction manual has a couple of grammatical errors, but who reads those anyway!
  • There is no information on the FN combination hotkeys which may annoy your average newbie.

Obviously having bluetooth support this keyboard would get 10/10 as this would be able to work on most devices. I wouldn’t let this put you off though. The Visopix ultra mini keyboard is still an excellent product and well worth the £30 price tag!

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