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Display WordPress Posts as a News Ticker


The following tutorial will display your latest WordPress posts in a news ticker format. The code is basically the same as my popular post Display Your Latest Posts on a Static Page except that the output is in an unordered list for the jQuery news ticker to work. This tutorial is meant for non WordPress websites to access their WordPress powered blog. To add a news ticker to your WordPress powered blog to display your latest posts try this tutorial. To add a news ticker to your WordPress blog with external RSS feeds try this tutorial.

News Ticker-WordPress Posts


A PHP web server or hosting, preferably a Linux server running WordPress, although this works with other servers. Please Note: This will not work if your blog is on a different server. A little knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS is recommended but not required. We will be using the jQuery News Ticker script.


Updated 24th March 2014
Download WordPress News Ticker

Retrieving the WordPress Posts

In order to retrieve our blog posts we require to link to the WordPress blog header. At the very top of your page add the following above the doctype.

Please Note: The path has to be relative so you can’t link to the file directly using https://

Now in the body (<body></body>) section you need to add the following snippet of code to retrieve the posts.

Adding the jQuery News Ticker

Upload the folders CSS, Images and JS folders to your server. Add the following in-between the opening and closing head tags (<head></head>) in your page.

Underneath, still in-between the opening and closing the head tags, you want to add a little bit of jQuery to initialize the news ticker script


Can I change any of the news ticker settings?

The jQuery news ticker comes with options that you can change.


For a more in-depth detail please read index.php in the zip file. If you are having any trouble please feel free to leave a comment or email me. I would like to thank the Rhodri George for creating the jQuery News Ticker script.


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