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Wow Weekly Friday 13th September

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while I have been designing my new WP theme and organising my content to suit. Meanwhile I have decided to hand pick a selection of news and favourite articles from around the web, something I plan to do on a weekly basis when I have got my new theme up and running. Read more on Wow weekly….

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Finally gets IMAP support

Might not be exciting for some but, formally Hotmail is getting IMAP support. Something I have been looking forward to for a long time. We can finally say goodbye to POP3 and welcome synchronized emails across multiple devices and operating systems.


Steam Turns 10

Yes I can’t believe it either. After a few initial teething troubles Steam has become the Ultimate Gaming platform. By it’s 10th year it is used by over 5 million people worldwide and supports Windows, Mac and Linux.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung are to release Version 3 of there Note Series next week which will set you back at least £550 here in the UK. Sporting a slighter larger 5.7 inch display and weighing slightly less than it’s predecessor. Reports show it has a better range of apps for it’s incorporated S-Pen. As a owner of it’s predecessor they should fix the issues with the current model!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date and news

Design and Development Resources

Here are some handpicked design and development resources from around the web.

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