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Wow Weekly Friday 20th September

In this Friday’s Wow weekly we will be discussing the latest Firefox version, Twitter and my favourite all-time football simulation game as well as my hot picks in design and development for this week. Read more on Wow weekly.

Football Manager Release Date Announced

Sports Interactive are to release Football Manager 2014 on 31st October. For the first time ever it is going to be released for Linux, something I dreamed about for a long time. Lots of improvement with tactics, training, transfers and board interaction along with a complete re-design of the UI. The new cloud-save feature means you can play from any computer all over the world and if you are a steam user you can share your customised content such as logo packs. You can pre-order on Steam or from the developer’s website.

Firefox 24

The latest version of Firefox has been released. The major changes to the desktop version are close tabs to the right which can be useful if you are like me and open lots of tabs for a brief while. Mac OS X get a new scrollbar. You can now tear off chat windows to view separately by simply dragging. There have been lots of accessibility-related improvements as well as bug fixes. Find out more on the Firefox website. To view an in-depth article on the latest features of Firefox on the desktop and mobile head over to TNW.

Twitter Spam is Back

Twitter spam

Not that it ever went away but spammers are targeting Twitter users through lists. This may go unnoticed as people don’t generally check to see if they are on any lists. The best defence is to never click on any links through mentions and always report spammers via the “Report as spam” button. For further reading check the article on TNW

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