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WOW Playground – PHP Checkboxes Revisited

Having checked back at some of my popular PHP and jQuery posts I decided to create WOW playground which unites all of my previous checkboxes and radio button form tutorials into one handy script.  I have updated to newer, modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and PDO, to handle the database.  jQuery and jQuery UI has been updated to the latest versions with a few new features and the odd tweak here and there.

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The playground features all the code from these posts in one handy page.

PHP and jQuery checkbox array with a hint of Jquery UI

Getting to grips with PHP Checkboxes

Getting to grips with PHP Radio Buttons

jQuery Disable and Enable Form Elements Using a Checkbox


PHP MySQL server with PDO extension.  I’ve tested it in PHP 5.3+


Version 1.0 released 29th November 2014


Simply upload to your server or testing server.  Add your database connection details into class-databasehelpers.php.   Navigate to wow_playground/php/setup.php with your web browser and hit Setup to install the MySQL tables.  You will automatically be redirected to the index page.  Please note that setup.php will be renamed automatically.


The PHP code has now been cleaned up from the main page and is in the PHP folder.  fetch.php interacts with the database by fetching the information and process.php, you guessed it, processes the information from the forms and saves it to the database. jQuery and jQuery UI has been updated and as a result, some deprecated functions have been removed.  For the design I have integrated CSS from the Kube Web Framework.  As for the new features, I have added a button which will add a new checkbox to PHP and jQuery checkbox array demo.  I have also added a save button which will save them to the database. I have added comments throughout the code for clearer understanding.

If you encounter any problems or would like to suggest something to add then please get in touch.

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