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Ampps For Mac – Update to 3.3 Manually Without Re-installing

Ampps is a fantastic piece of software if you want to run a testing server but upgrading on the mac has always been pretty awkward. The first time I upgraded, back when I was a Mac newbie, I deleted all of my files by accident! Luckily I had created a backup first. The good news is Mac users can download and install the update from a compressed file so there is no need to install from the disk image again.


Open Ampps and change the PHP version back to 5.3, then close and exit the software. As with anything I would always make a backup first to be on the safe side. This tutorial uses the terminal – some knowledge would be useful but not required.

The easiest way to open the terminal is to open Spotlight using the keyboard shortcut ctrl + space Type terminal and hit enter.

Download and Install Ampps

Once you have created a backup let’s go ahead and grab the update.  Please note that this is not the disk image version found on the main website.

Once downloaded copy the 7z file and pop it in your Ampps folder in Applications. Alternatively if you prefer to use the terminal enter

cp ~/Downloads/Ampps-mac-3.3.7z ../../../Applications/AMPPS

Now let’s check to see if the file has been moved into the correct folder

cd ../../Applications/Ampps

List the files in the directory


You should see the update file directly inside the folder (highlighted in the image below).
Screenshot of Mac Terminal

Now let’s extract that compressed file. Whilst in the terminal enter:

sudo /Applications/Ampps/extra/bin/7za x -r -y /Applications/Ampps/Ampps-mac-3.3.7z

Enter your password and the files will start to extract as in the image below

Mac Terminal - Ampps Update Complete


If all has gone to plan your update will be successful. To check open Ampps, click on the Help tab, click on About and you should see that it’s be updated to the latest version. If you encounter any problems then please feel free to leave a comment.


How to update Ampps manually

2 replies on “Ampps For Mac – Update to 3.3 Manually Without Re-installing”

Marc Miller
Marc Miller On

I followed all the steps as said. Worked fine until I closed Ampps down and turned off my mac. When I turned my mac back on, the Ampps icon is completely gone, I can’t start Ampps anymore. It doesn’t show up in the applications folder, its nowhere to be found. If you can help, that would great as I have a few websites stuck in there.

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