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WOW Weekly – Google Bring us the OnHub & More

Welcome to WOW weekly. This week’s edition I will be focusing on the OnHub and I have introduced a couple of new sections Tool of the Week and New Releases in Brief.  Since I last posted we have had the summer holidays, 2 weeks of which we visited family in England, our first visit since Shaun passed away, and I have also started a new job in a school which has been really rewarding and it’s also lovely to socialise and meet new people.   Anyhow I have decided to collect a few items from the past week and wrap it all up in my weekly blog post. Enjoy!

A Wireless Router
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Bring me The OnHub

If you don’t already know Google have formed a partnership (surprisingly) with TP-Link and developed a router named OnHub. OnHub can be controlled and configured by using your smart phone and offers a simple setup procedure with easy to understand lighting feature where it uses a dimmable light ring that uses 1 of 4 colours to give you accurate feedback. If you are confused by the blinking lights on your router or just don’t understand them or would like to simplify the process for members of your family then it could be well worth the $200 price tag. Unfortunately they aren’t available in the UK to pre-order but watch this space.

Learn More about the OnHub Router

Tool of the Week

PeStudio 8.51 is a portable tool that allows you to inspect Windows executable files (Installers).  The latest version has added virus checking with VirusTotal.  PeStudio is meant to be for windows developers and experts but would be able to give you or the average user meaningful information that can prevent you from installing bad stuff on your computer.

New Releases in Brief

The latest 4.3 version of WordPress brings with it creating and updating your menus in the customizer whilst previewing it.  Add your site icon (favicon) to your blog from within the customizer. The WP dashboard  is much smoother and you can also increase your productivity by using shortcuts.

Learn More

Github Desktop has replaced both Github for Mac and Github for Windows. It offers a more unified experience across both platforms.  I have used Github for a while for both online/offline projects/scripts and the new interface is less confusing to all us novices particularly the branching off your own repo.

Learn More


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