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WOW Weekly – Facebook Help Non-Profits & More

Welcome to WOW Weekly. This week’s edition I will discussing how Facebook are helping non-profit organisations, at last some might say! WordPress and Unity will pop up in our new releases in brief section and Tool of the week will be…..

Image of Heart with donate on it.
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Facebook Donate Made Simple

Facebook have announced that they are rolling out a donate button for all non-profit organizations. The donate button will only be available to those who have specified their Facebook page’s category as Non-Profit Organization. The call-to-action button will link to any website of your choice.   As of yet Facebook haven’t indicated how long the roll-out process will take so it could take time.  I’m sure people will be happy to wait!

Tool of the Week

It’s surprising how many people I come across that have never heard of the Office Suite, Libre Office. Libre Office was originally forked from Open Office in 2010 and has had several big updates since. Released as an alternative to Microsoft Office without the huge price tag (It’s Open Source) it’s been on all my operating systems for the past 5 years. Not only does it open all Microsoft proprietary formats (.docx etc) you can also save as them too.

A couple of months ago I even opened a MS office file that wouldn’t even open in Word (I knew the origin of the document so knew it was safe to open).  The latest version has a much cleaner UI (User Interface) with the welcomed addition of the new Breeze Icon theme.  If you have tried using it in the past and were disappointed then I would definitely try it again. Check out the release notes for all the improvements.

New Releases in Brief

Unity 3D games editor has been brought out for Linux, despite never really having much interest. Currently it’s just a testing preview but with no real guarantee that full support will ever be offered but it’s a good start. The preview officially supports 64 bit versions of Ubuntu that have a modern graphics card but it should also work on other Linux distributions.

Learn More

WordPress have announced that Twenty Sixteen will be the new default theme when version 4.4  is released, target is for December 2015. The new theme has mixed opinions and views.  Some like it because it’s clean and it’s gives people a blank slate to work with.  Others hate it because it reminds them of older versions. I’m pretty much impartial, as with all default themes you can create a child theme and make it your own, just be thankful that you can!

Take a sneaky peek at the new Twenty Sixteen screenshots and decide for yourself.


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