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WOW Weekly – PayPal launch Pay Through URL & More

Welcome to WOW Weekly. This week’s news covers PayPal getting on the Pay through a URL bandwagon and guess who got a new logo?  Tool of the week is in the form of a windows migration tool and not forgetting our New releases in Brief section.

PayPal have started to offer a service called which helps people make payments easier. Once you have signed up for the service you will create a URL which you can share with people who can then transfer funds through their own PayPal account.  

There is no fee if you are in the UK have selected the “Friends & Family”.  There is also an option where you can also use the link the pay for “Goods and Services” where the person who sends you money is opting for PayPal Buyer Protection.  The standard fee for the UK would be 2.9% + £0.30. is available now in the UK, US, Germany, Australia, Canada, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria.

Gotta Love Google

Love it or loathe it, Google got a new logo and I like it. It’s a bold step to move from a serif font over to a sans-serif but it’s blends in nicely with the ever-expanding brand, it’s clean, friendly and just fits. If you don’t like the new Google Logo then you can always install a chrome extension to revert every image to the old one.  but then again why would you?  Interested in learning more about the new Google Identity then check out the article on evolving the google identity.

Tool of The Week

Microsoft have partnered with Laplink to offer PCmover Express software to transfer files, folders and more from older versions of Windows on to your new Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC. The free download will only be available from September 1st through to August 31st, 2016 so grab it while you can.

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New Releases in Brief

Skype have released new version 6.0 for Android, iPhone and iPad. All the versions come with a new re-designed interface, enhanced search and the Android version includes a floating action button and improved messaging.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha has recently been released. Although only in Alpha so there will still be some bugs in the wild. Bootstrap has switched from Less to Sass, has a opt-in flexbox support, dropped support for panels, wells and thumbnails in favour of the new cards component, combined all HTML resets into a file called reboot, all JavaScript plugins have been re-written and there has been improvements to the documentation, tooltips and popovers.


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