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How to Stand Out from Your Competitors

Every company wants to offer the most sought-after services in their industry. However, not every business can become the competition. Read our effective tips on how to stand out from your rivals.

Woman in Office - Stand out from competitors

Create a Striking Website

First impressions count, especially online. If you fail to immediately capture an audience’s attention when they land on your website, you can almost guarantee they’ll click away and visit a competitor. If you have a high bounce rate, it could be due to poor web design.

Don’t give your visitors a reason to visit a rival. Work alongside a talented web designer to develop a striking website that complements your brand and services. It could be all it takes to turn a lead into a conversion. Not sure where to start?

Offer Industry Insight

Do you want to build a credible reputation in your industry? Well, you should aim to provide your web visitors with helpful insights into your industry. The more informative your content and communications, the easier it will be to establish yourself as a thought leader. Offer tips, market intel and expert opinions to separate your brand from the competition. This will encourage trust in your services, which can have a considerable impact on your conversion rate.

Be Aspirational, More Than Your Competitor

Aspirational products will have people queuing around the corner to buy from your business. All it may take is a photo of a member of staff using a product, or a video of someone unwrapping a gift to reveal your item. A personal marketing approach will show potential customers how easy a product can complement their lives.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Customers are more than happy to express both their delight and disappointment online when it comes to customer service. A business’s reputation is often as strong as its last transaction, which is why every customer must enjoy positive interaction with your company. A rude team member, late delivery or wrong order will frustrate your customers, who may write a bad review that will prevent potential customers from turning to your products and services. Word of mouth travels fast, so ensure you continually provide exceptional customer service, or you may be forced to pay the price.

Hire the Right People

Hire employees that embody the values of your brand. Aim to work only with friendly, hard-working and intelligent people who will go above and beyond for your business. You will want to be the brand that picks up every call, answers every email and resolves every problem, and only the best members of staff can help you do so.

Once you have hired the right people, ensure to reward their efforts whenever possible. From giving them a pay raise to enjoying a friendly bottle of beer or two every Friday, it is your responsibility to show your staff how much you appreciate their talent, skills and commitment. If you don’t, your best employees may leave to work for your competitors.


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