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Becoming a Digital Nomad -Why and How

Many self-employed, freelance and remote workers are becoming Digital Nomads. Working from anywhere in the world, at times that suit them. Certainly, many more businesses are open to collaborating with suppliers in non-traditional, highly flexible working arrangements.  You may have toyed with the idea of becoming a Digital Nomad for some time. You may have never heard of this lifestyle before! Nevertheless, if this has piqued your interest, and you’re wondering how you can make this work approach a reality, and what benefits it would offer you, then read on for guidance.

Digital Nomad

Why you should do it: because you can!

Technology and communication have evolved in such a way that you can be part of an effective working team without being in the same office or even the same country. Yes, time zones are challenging but are not impossible to overcome. The first reason that you should consider becoming a Digital Nomad is that you can – it’s a revolutionary and modern lifestyle, suited to those who don’t want to be tied down by the logistics of their full-time job. While it possibly suits freelancers and self-employed workers a little more readily, that’s not to say your current employer wouldn’t be open to you working remotely.

Why you should do it: to be inspired by new surroundings

If your routine becomes too monotonous and predictable, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and fail to live up to your full potential. Taking your work life on the road, or to a new location, may inspire you to create better work and be more productive.

You don’t need to set up a temporary workspace in a developing country, such as India or Tanzania – although if that’s where you want to go, then great! – simply stepping a little out of your comfort zone will have a big impact on your output.

How you can do it: ask for advice

You’ll find some great resources online for helping you transition into the life of a Digital Nomad. Furthermore, if you follow blogs or websites run by fellow Digital Nomads, the community is supportive and nurturing enough that if you get in touch, they’ll advise you on they made the step themselves! If you know an ex-colleague or client who has made the change, reach out to them for information. Click here to use an online platform to confirm the email address you have for them is still in action.

How you can do it: looking for work

If you’re looking to carve a new career in your life as a Digital Nomad, you can often filter online job boards, seeking out ‘remote’ or ‘freelance’ positions and there are even dedicated websites that list only remote roles.

How you can do it: sharpen your skills

Moocs, online tutorials, and even webinars are fantastic resources for learning new skills and brushing up on your industry knowledge before becoming a Digital Nomad. Plus, as these are digital sources, you can get access to them from anywhere in the world – the perfect kickstart for your new, nomadic work approach!

Becoming a Digital Nomad

If you think that your career, work/life balance, would benefit from an alternative way of working, there’s been no better time to become a Digital Nomad.  As new technologies are invented and utilised in everyday life, both inside and outside the office, nothing is stopping you from travelling the world or living a freer lifestyle.

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