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What Is WordPress? – Infographic

What is WordPress? If you’ve ever looked up blogging, you’ve probably heard of WordPress. In fact, WordPress is probably more popular than you think. A big chunk of the internet is built on it. Their research shows WordPress powers about 39% of all websites. That means nearly a third of the internet runs on WordPress.

WordPress on screen

I guess that you can probably infer that WordPress helps create websites. The question is how does it do it and why is it so popular?

It’s simple. WordPress creates websites seamlessly, no coding required. Simply choose a theme which determines the appearance of your website. You then add the page elements that you need like a search bar or a weather widget.

You can further customise your website with plugins. There are plugins for nearly anything from creating forms, over SEO optimisation, to security.

The best part—you need absolutely no coding knowledge to use WordPress. If you want a custom-coded website, you would have to code everything yourself or hire a developer to create it and, potentially, maintain it. However, with WordPress, you can add incredibly complex functions in a matter of seconds.

So far WordPress sounds great. There has to be a price, though, right?

Not really. WordPress is open-source so anyone can use it.

That being said, if you want to self-host a WordPress site, you still need to pay for hosting. Still, this is something you have to consider with all websites, not just WordPress ones.

An alternative is to host your site on This is completely free, but you get limited storage space and no ad revenue. If you choose this option, WordPress gives you hosting for free and hopes your site grows enough for you to buy extra storage space and unrestricted ad usage.

Both options are good, but self-hosting is better if you plan to monetise your site down the road. If your site is just a hobby, you can go with the hosted option.

All in all, WordPress is a great solution for any aspiring website owner. If you’re looking to start a website, check out the infographic below. It has info on WordPress that might interest you.

What is WordPress?

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