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5 Steps for Boosting Your Business’s Online Security

Online security is a massive issue in the 21st century, and businesses around the world have to step up to ensure they’re protecting their customers’ sensitive data. Still, that hasn’t stopped some major security breaches at major companies in recent years, and businesses of all sizes must continue to take this matter seriously.

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So, what steps can your business take to protect its online security? The tips below might seem simple, but they can make a big difference.

Create a Policy

Recognise digital security as an essential part of your business that it is by creating a formal policy. Detail your goals, how you’re going to assess security risks and the protocol you’re going to use to combat those risks.
You need everybody to be on the same page with online security because one weak link can have major consequences for your business. Once you have a formal policy, you can start to implement the training and education that ensures everyone in your business is aware of their responsibilities.

Social Media

One of the difficulties with digital security is that the everyday activities that everyone across your business performs entail their risks. One such risky activity is social media.  Social media companies work hard to keep their platforms secure.

Still, there are threats out there, and it’s not unusual for businesses’ social accounts to get taken over by hackers, with potentially terrible consequences for the brands.  Even simple leaks of information can cause big problems for businesses on social media, so it’s essential to have clear, stringent guidelines around the use of these platforms.


We’re so used to having passwords for everything that it’s easy to underestimate their importance. However, passwords are a vital part of any business’s online security efforts.

Passwords are a vital first line of security, and all your employees and accounts must use strong passwords that get updated regularly.

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Your business needs to know who has access to its essential functions and information at any given time, and one of the ways it can do this is by making sure everyone keeps their passwords secure.


If something does go wrong with your online security, it’s good to know you’re covered by cyber insurance.
The fallout from a security breach can be huge for businesses of all sizes, so making sure you have cyber insurance can be a lifeline if things do go wrong.


Another aspect of online security that people often take for granted is making sure software updates are installed promptly, which is vitally important. Not only are updates released to improve the usability of the software, but another big reason for these updates is to limit security risks.

Online security is a constant battle between developers and hackers, and updates are one of the ways developers try to stay ahead of the hackers. If your business wants to do the same thing, it is important to update the software regularly.


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