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Captivating WordPress Statistics 2020 – Infographic

Love WordPress? The following infographic shows WordPress statistics from birth, in 2003, right through to the present time. The infographic features statistics about the growth and how popular it became in such a short time. WordPress themes and plugins are also on the agenda. How many times do people switch themes every month?  WordPress has become highly popular with attacks over the past decade so it would only be right to feature security and vulnerabilities.

Even though WordPress is an open-source project, lots of developers have made money from it and to this day remains a very profitable skill to develop. One reason WordPress became popular is the community that backs it up. There are so many useful resources out there to get you started, however, you still need the determination to learn and succeed.

My WordPress History

Back in 2008, whilst building a website for my friend’s jewellery business. I started a blog and chose WordPress. I originally started with the blog but found it too limited. I like to control how my website looks, so I researched and found the open-source self-hosted equivalent. Back then there wasn’t much choice. Blogger was popular and there were a few paid options but none I could tinker with myself.

I bought a domain and some web space, and Worldoweb was born! WordPress back then is nothing compared to its modern-day version.  There weren’t any automatic updates therefore you had to update plugins and themes manually. Themes used HTML 4 and CSS2, whilst using browser hacks, which mainly targeted the popular Internet Explorer.

Conclusion – WordPress Statistics

17 years on WordPress have changed for the better. Will it stay on top forever? Who knows? There is one guarantee however, it will remain part of history as one of the most popular blogging platforms and one of the best open-source projects to feature on the web.

Infographic about WordPress Statistics

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