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Month June 2021

Hot Web Design and Development – June 2021

Welcome to the June 2021 edition of web design and development. This month’s edition features all the latest news and going on in the web design and developer world. Furthermore, there has been a couple of major announcements from both Microsoft and Apple. On the security front, Western Digital are also in the news and a mysterious trojan is lurking.

in Security

My Book Live NAS Drives Exploit

A recent security exploit has rendered an entire range of My Book Live and My Book Live Duo useless. The Network Attached Storage hard drives, made by Western Digital, were affected by a vulnerability that was first discovered in 2018. Sadly the devices that were affected hadn’t been updated since 2015.

in Technology

Checkout Wows New Tailwind Design

Welcome to WOW blog’s new tailwind design. Wow has gone dark! After having the previous design for 2 years it was time for a change. One of the major reasons for the redesign was to reduce the loading time speed. Another reason is to increase health benefits, bizarre I know but read on. Amongst all these changes there have been plenty of changes under the hood too. Venture on to check out the trials and tribulations of the new design, if you dare!

in Web Development

10 Google Ads Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

When it comes to utilising Google Ads for your advertisement needs, you must understand that there are few changes you can make to your strategy to improve its performance. If you’re not careful, you could end up costing a fortune for no results.

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